De Villa City

De Villa City is the largest city of Connor Island measuring about 2,544 square kilometers. The mayor is Bertram Forestfield.

History Edit

De Villa City was declared after the World War II. On January 7, 1957, a war took place in De Villa. Many were injured. On February 7, 1957, one month after war, the city was reconstructed. On June 18, 1958, De Villa beat over Vinicius as the largest city. More history will be recorded soon.

Flag Edit

De Villa Flag

De Villa's city flag was created by Michael Mendoza. The flag has a horizontal tricolor of black, orange, and red. They represent heroism, health, and bravery. The yellow gear in the middle represent industrial technologies in the city.

City Anthem Edit

Sousa - King Cotton March

Sousa - King Cotton March

The King Cotton March, De Villa's city anthem, was composed by John Philip Sousa. The anthem was chosen by the mayor in 1957. It was declared as the best city anthem in Connor Island.