Connor Island

Connor Island is an island located at the south of the state of Florida, USA. Its capital city is Randelia. The largest city is De Villa. The island is named after Graeme Connors, the lyricist. The population rises over 12.7 million people. The president of Connor Island is Michael Mendoza.

History Edit

On December 14, 1913, Connor Island was discovered by an American discoverer, Mar Mackinson. Its former name was Portland, before he discovered the island. On January 15, 1914, the American explorer Mar Mackinson founded the first city, Randelia. On June 12, 1935, former president Joaquin Gwenfield was elected as the president. On June 14, 1935, the former president Joaquin Gwenfield declared Randelia as a capital city of Connor Island. Michael Mendoza became the president of Connor Island after Gwenfield died. Today, Connor Island has 20 cities. 1 declared by Gwenfield and 19 declared by Mendoza. In 1945, Connor Island was attacked during World War II. About 2 million people died. Two cities were severely damaged. On November 5, 1954, Mendoza declared that more buildings will be built in the city of Vinicius. More people agreed. On April 15, 1955, Vinicius became the largest city in Connor Island. On June 18, 1957, Mendoza observed that the city of De Villa has more buildings than Vinicius. So, he declared that De Villa is the largest city in Connor Island. More history will be recorded soon.

Citizens and Population Edit

Today, about 12,748,332 people lived in Connor Island. The demonym for Connor citizens is Connorian. The percentage of male Connorians is 67% while the female Connorians is 33%.

Social Issues in Connor Island Edit

Some people think that Connor Island is a junk, because the country has several issues. One example is poverty, which is the most known issue in Connor Island. Before, Connor Island became popular, but suddenly, issues began to rise. The investigate report was reported by Social Issue Association of Connor Island, or SIACI.

National Anthem and Pledge Edit

The horn of plenty-Synthesia

The horn of plenty-Synthesia

The national anthem of Connor Island is The Horn of Plenty, composed by Win Butler and Regine Chassagne. The anthem came from the movie The Hunger Games. The video on the right corner is the national anthem of Connor Island in a keyboard simulator called Synthesia.

The pledge of Connor Island is named 'The Pledge of Unity', written by Edward Lostens.

"We, the people of Connor Island, will respect the country, with love and care. We will help to serve Connor Island and strive to do my best. We pray that God will protect our country someday. We pledge that all the Connorians will be protected and we will build a better life for all of them."

Flag Edit

Connor Island Flag

The Connorian flag was made by Mar Mackinson, when he discovered Connor Island. Its flag has a diagonal division of orange and green. These colors represent the color of hope and purity. They came from the zest colors. In the middle is a red tower, which represents protection and strength.

Where can we go? Edit

Connor Island is in a transport simulator called Simutrans. You may download it in the Simutrans website.